Why Sell with Say Swank?

Say Swank was created as an online marketplace for boutique shops across the country to display and sell their hottest items.  We are continually looking for new vendors with unique style to join our fast-growing offering.

Why sell with Say Swank?  Style.  We know boutiques and we know that it is critical that your distinctive style needs be seen by the masses.  Say Swank offers you an easy way to create a presence online amongst some of the top names in boutique clothing and homewares.  Say Swank displays hundreds of listings from a variety of boutiques that have been hand-selected to take part in our shopping experience and connect with our style-conscious customers. 

Savings.  Say Swank will give your brand the exposure that you have been looking for outside of your current market without breaking the bank.  Rather than spending thousands on risky marketing attempts, count on Say Swank to give your brand increased exposure and to give your most unique pieces a home.  We are continually building traffic for our site and, in turn, for our partners.  You’ll love the community that we’ve built and (more importantly) the exposure.

Simplicity.  We’ve made it easy for you to be a part of our marketplace – no serious development required.  If you have a Shopify website for your boutique, it is as simple as downloading a link to your site that will connect your shop to our marketplace.  If you don’t have a Shopify site currently, we have developed a great interface for you to manage your product listings and orders.  All of our partners are able to upload deals, sale dates and other information on their products and shops that increase brand awareness and sales volume.

If you are a boutique and are looking to increase your online sales presence, Say Swank is the answer.  Our incredible community of vendors, boutique owners, customers and staff are the ticket to your online growth.

If you are interested in joining the Say Swank marketplace as a seller, please contact us at hey@sayswank.com or click on ‘Seller Login’ in the upper left hand corner of our home page at www.sayswank.com and then click on ‘Join Now.’ We look forward to hearing from you.