Say Swank Deals

Say Swank Deals

Sellers are able to select a feature date on Say Swank Deals after products are approved by Say Swank. Sellers may choose the start date they wish to start the deal. Say Swank Deals start features starting at 12am pacific time and will run for 3 days. When the deal ends after the 3 days, the product will remain in the seller's Say Swank Store but return to original price. When running a deal, we suggest the price should be marked down at least 30% off the retail price or original price. This will help get the best movement of your inventory for each item.

Upon the deal ending, Say Swank will pay the seller within 7 days after shipment information is uploaded.

When products are featured on Say Swank Deals they will also be shown in the sellers Say Swank Store. Your Say Swank Store and your Say Swank Deals products will share the same inventory. And if uploaded from your own Shopify website, it will share inventory with your Shopify store too. Say Swank will review each product before they are featured and will work with you as the seller to have a successful feature.

Say Swank suggests that sellers have items in their warehouse ready to ship. Products sold must ship immediately after customer purchase. However, we understand that some sellers have items on back order. We will allow a back order time of 14 days for pre-made items and 30 days for customized or tailor made items. If item is back ordered please make it clear in your item description so customers purchasing your items will be satisfied and give your products and store a good review.

 As the seller, Say Swank requires all items sold to be shipped. It is required for the seller to accurately manage inventory. For each item sold on Say Swank but not shipped or canceled by the seller, seller shall have a fine of $10 per item. In this case, Say Swank will refund the customer and bill the seller for each item not sold. When a seller's products are featured on Say Swank Deals, the seller must be available to respond within 12 hours of any customer service inquiries they receive. Say Swank will be available to respond to customer inquiries regarding the sale but will not be able to answer questions about the product specifications.

Customers will have 30 days to return the items back to the sellers. If item is defective, customer is not responsible for shipping charges for the return of that item. Sellers are responsible for shipping charges when items are defective or meets the criteria of the return shipping. If customer returns an item, Say Swank will refund the seller for the fees accrued for that sell minus any fees that Say Swank accumulated for the sale of the item.  If item is to be exchanged, sellers should pay for the shipping charges. However, according to Say Swank's return policy, we do not exchange items. An exchange of an item will be processed directly through the seller.